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Build a body that reflects the strength within with this challenge with me.

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What People Are Saying

Call me crazy, but sometimes I feel like I’m truly changing and saving lives. Using my fitness and diet program, my clients have completely turned their lives around. Take a look at the following reviews submitted by satisfied clients.

Ashlee has helped me not only drop body fat but gain confidence and strength doing things I never knew I could do!

Sarah R.

I completly love training with Ashlee. She makes our sessions so much fun but I learn so much at the same time. Now I feel comfortable going into the gym and know exactly what to do and why i'm doing it.

Ashley A.

One of the things I love about training with Ashlee is her attention to detail about how fitness fits into my life. I don't feel overwhelmed and we take things step by step. It makes it easier to make lasting changes and know I can stick with them.

Michael S.


A Bit About Ashlee

Your Body, the Way You Want It

Hey all! I’m Ashlee — Health Coach, IFBB Pro and fitness entrepreneur. I started my healthy eating and exercise journey to help me feel confident and strong in my skin. I could not have known then that it would completely change the course of my life!

Improving my overall health and fitness transformed many areas of my life for the better. As a certified personal trainer with additional expertise in nutrition, I can show you how to empower yourself and strengthen your body long term.

I want ALL of my clients to feel amazing, both inside and out, and to feel like they have control over their health. You can train alongside me at any stage of your fitness journey, simply choose the option that best suits your goals and needs. 

Train hard and be well!


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All Videos

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