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- Sign up deadline May 22 -

*Spots are limited. Sign up will close at deadline or earlier when all spots are filled.*

*Pricing Options listed on sign up page.*

"If you give yourself 30 days to clean your home, it will take 30 days. But if you give yourself 3 hours, it will take 3 hours. The same applies to your goals, ambitions and plans." - Elon Musk

I base my programs on progressive behavioral models. That means from the moment you start a program; you have calculated changes you are going through and goal points you will need to achieve to get you to the next level. The goal being the point of having your goal and "maintaining it."

My goal is to get you to that next level and ultimately, that stage and continue to build on your strength and skill. 

This program will begin with a 20 minute one on one call to go over the program along with any challenges you would like to address that have impacted you in the past.


This program includes custom macros, six 15-20 min zoom check-ins, custom cardio and supplement assigned specific to you and your goals. That being said to ensure I give everyone the time they need; this program will be limited to 25 client spots available at one time. If the signs say open below, you're good to go. 


Sign up now to claim yours.

·        We will have 10 weeks of 4-6 workouts designed to help build strength and muscle while burning through glycogen stores making it even easier to store our food appropriately and mitigate additional fat storage while increasing our conditioning. 

·        ****This is not a body weight program. The workouts are set (with varied skill level variations) but they do all involve weight training. You will need either a gym membership or a barbell with a way to add weight that feels heavy for you at a rep range of 1-20 reps, dumbbells that feel heavy at a rep range of 1-20 reps and a piece of cardio equipment unless you decide to run or jump rope. ****

·        The workouts along with the custom cardio prescription, that will be updated weekly, we will start with testing out MAX in Squat Deadlift and Bench Press (with videos for form checks) along with a conditioning test. The cardio prescription for each client will be custom.

·        I have two options for the diet. One being custom macros to cut, allowing you to choose your own food and when you have them to keep things interesting. The second option would be me creating a diet for you. I create one diet per 2 week period to follow. 

·        The supplement prescription is optional, but recommended. The supplements are centered around keeping your immune system up, your muscle recovered to keep you from having any injuries and help with energy for your workouts and aid in the fat burning process.

This type of program refreshes self-confidence and self-discipline while presenting the opportunity for a timeline to push the hardest you can in 10 weeks.


We stay focused.

We push hard the whole time.

We Learn.

We progress.

We succeed. 

We'll increase strength, build muscle, tighten up and increase our conditioning and increase self-confidence.

This program is designed to teach you, push you and help you learn about your body and what it is capable of.

Sign ups are open until May 22 or when all spots are filled so sign up and claim your spot.

Good luck and see you in there! - Ash



*PayPal Easy Pay options are available as well at checkout.*

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