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Greens and Reds!

Greens and Reds 👇🏽

If you aren’t tracking your food, are mindful of getting servings of fruits and veggies in your meals (of which you should be having server also) or find yourself feeling sluggish throughout your day then you need these.

Opti - Greens and Reds are what I recruit clients either cleaning up their diet, or are short on time and need some support with their energy and digestive system.

What you get from veggies isn’t just the fiber. That’s good as well sure but you can get it from other places and often times we aren’t getting more of some of the the things we also very much need.

- Enzymes (Example : Bromelain is considered a proteolytic enzyme, a class of enzymes thought to aid in the digestion of protein. If you train harder you need more protein. This makes it easier to utilize.)

- Prebiotic’s

- And a range of vitamins and micronutrients we need at a very foundational level.

If you work even harder in and out the gym, you’ll need even more.

That’s the way that goes. So to make things easier that’s why you supplement.

I either do mine with water or in my shakes on a daily basis and I yes I can totally tell when I haven’t been doing it consistently.

I personally like the flavor and again the way it makes me feel/look along with my clients.

Leave any questions on them below👇🏽

I suggest picking them up from @primesportsnutrition either in store or online with code ashleemanefit for a discount and start adding it to your morning routine.

Great way to start your day off right ☑️

Ashlee Mane Fitness

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