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Training Vs Working Out!

So the difference between training and working out is pretty simple. All you need to do is answer this question.

What is your goal?

Is it just to be healthier?

Is it to move your body because you know long term your body will thank you for it later?

Is it just to clean up your diet because you know it’ll help you sleep better, feel better etc?

This are all great reasons to workout!

Or might it be

To do a pull up.

To squat your body weight.

To gain size in your legs.

To drop body fat and increase vascularity.

Well then you need to train!

The differences for a goal, you need a plan. For that plan to work you need to be able to track it. Then use the data that you have so far to make informed changes.

From there you make your plan to progressively get better. But you are not able to change something that you are not tracking.

You also have no idea in which direction to move, because you do not know where you have been.

For all of those goals, progressive overload is needed. So the intention needs to be there to PUSH. Not just rely on a feeling.

For example. You can have a really good workout, getting your heart rate up, moving your body and still not be training specifically for your goal.

For more info on that, be sure to comment on this post and stay tuned for more!

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